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Eagles Pledge

having consciously subscribed
to the Constitution
and the Eagles Magna Carta
of the Philippine Eagles,
and aware of my responsibility
to my God and my country,
do hereby pledge
to promote and defend
at all times said Constitution
and Eagles Magna Carta
and their ideals
to the best of my ability
and within my power and capacity


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Eagles Ecumenical Prayer

Our Divine Providence,
we humble ourselves before You
as we praise Your Holy Name
and feel Your presence in our midst.

We implore Your Divine Guidance and Blessing
as we consciously gather on this occasion
in pursuit and furtherance of the cherished goals
and objectives of our beloved Fraternity.

We beseech You, all Powerful God,
to enrich our hearts, 
to enlighten our minds,
and to broaden our understanding 
and compassion to one another
as we carry and pursue our goals and objectives
not on this particular occasion
but also on the many, many of the time
of our striving and endeavors.

Please Almighty God
elevate our spirit and fortify our steps
as we seek to keep and edify 
our Fraternity even one and whole 
and as we strive perseveringly
to enhance and strengthen 
our national brotherhood.

All these, our Divine Providence, we fervently ask 
under Your supreme guidance and direction.


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Eagles Hymn

God-loving men for country's sake
Offers strength and mind and energy

We dedicate fraternal love
Service for the good of all humanity.

We're Eagles, the Philippines Eagles;

Lasting peace's our noble mission;

We're Eagles, friend to all people;

Pillars of the Nation!

For brotherhood we work and serve

Peace, equality and unity

Emblazed with zeal of human care,

We will share our lives to keep our liberty. 

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