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The Philippine Eagles began in the ferment of certain segments of the Philippine service groups in the face of a mélange of service ideologies that we have in our country’s midst. We have the Lions, the Rotarians, the Kiwanis, the Jaycees, et cetera. These are world-wide foreign civic organizations transported to us. They are not menaces, as in fact, the Eagles have commonly shared their  humanitarian ideals. In this context, these service groups have a lot to learn from one another and learning from one another they can place a better value to their service work and efforts.

Eagleism is fraternalism, or that state of relationship characteristic of brothers.

In the Philippine Eagles, members must have primordially developed a deep sense of brotherhood among them. It is the primacy of their relationship is brotherhood.

Eagleism is humanitarianism: an ethical commitment or concern for human welfare, or relations, and shall be expressed in philanthropic activities or interest in social reforms.


Reliability of the Eagles Commitment to a Brother Eagle

This is what the Philippine Eagles institutionally call the Alalayang Agila. The Eagles "shall have shared each other’s problems or moments of importance and shall have expanded and enhanced their sense and spirit of brotherhood."

Eagleism: Welcome
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