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E - Enlightened and Individual Humanitarian
A - Animated personally by a Strong Bond of Brotherhood and Fraternal ties
G - God Loving, Non Sectarian
L - Law Abiding, Liberty Oriented, Non Political
E - Emulated with Intense Mission of
S - Service to Country, Its People and Its Community

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Philippine Eagles

The Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles) is the first born fraternal socio-civic organization in our country established on June 22, 1979.

TFOE - or the more commonly known Philippine Eagles - is a movement, an idea kindled by the founders: to nurture with the fire of brotherhood.

Est 1979

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Brotherhood Concord

More than a mere civic organization, The Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles) is a historic brotherhood concord. The nucleus group believed that strong fraternalism should characterize its humanitarian service. It agreed that its guiding principle shall be SERVICE THROUGH STRONG BROTHERHOOD.

The group issued a statement to the following effect:

We have called our organization The Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles) because we have chosen as our guiding principle SERVICE THROUGH STRONG BROTHERHOOD. The choice of the name was conscious and the idea behind the choice of the word “fraternal” is deliberate. We should, indeed, be brothers in service and the world “fraternal” precisely describes the quality of our bond. This Philosophy we want to intensify among us.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles - Philippine Eagles

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